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Thank you so much anon! I’m really happy you like my drawings enough to want a tutorial c: as promised i did a quick tutorial but it is an overview so there are a lot of things i wanted to mention but i never really got a chance to because of limited space ;2; i also draw in many styles but i just chose to do a tutorial on how i usually like to do things

if you want me to elaborate on anything i would be happy to do so! 

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"Huh? Why is Makishima-Senpai wearing a Hakogaku jersey?"

"Onoda.. Some things are better left unexplained…"

its not like everyone already knew


Toudou is in his own personal hell

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Or download from here.

This is one of the many tribute comics made for Yowamushi Pedal that were published in “Monthly Issue Princess” and are to be published as a collective in After-School Pedal (if you were curious about what sort of comics would be there). I happened to like this one from the only mildly spoiler-y few I’d read available, so I scanlated it.

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i can’t even call this an art blog anymore….

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color palette ishigaki, mizuta!

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this is so wonderful 


this is so wonderful 

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